1970 North Roosevelt Blvrd

Key West





Once upon a time there was a Gorilla who was smuggled away from his home in Africa and brought to the land of America. Escaping, he ended up in a small island town formally known as Cayo Hueso.  

Cayo Hueso. Now known as Key West, was once a bustling island full of pirates, fishermen, admirals, sirens, sirs, madams, mermaids, & even royalty. 

Like any place it had it's problems too. See, the fisherman & Pirates would try to catch the mermaids and sirens for their tails. The scales on the tails of mermaids and sirens had magical properties hunted for all over the world.  In return of this pursuit the sirens & mermaids would make sure no human took any type of fish or seafood from within the oceans deep waters. 

Back to our Gorilla, Gorilla made a simple living grilling food and climbing trees for coconuts. Gorilla had a small hut on the waters edge. 

One day Gorilla could feel something in the wind. It was a hurricane! 

Brace for impact he told himself. Hunkered down in his little hut, winds raging and rains pouring he could hear singing, beautiful, majestic, singing. It was very close. Almost too close. Gorilla had to go check what it was. 

Through the sheets of rain and dusty debris he could see something so sparkly shiny covered in a black mesh. It was a Siren! 

Sirens were not like mermaids, Sirens used their mesmerizing song voice to lure humans, practically those who hunted their tails, into the depths of the ocean with no return. 

Gorilla was nervous to get near but he could see the siren was out of the ocean water and had become tangled in a fisherman's net. Sirens out of the ocean waters would eventually die.

Please! the Siren pleaded. "If I do not get back in the Ocean I will die" 

Gorilla took a few steps closer and thats when he saw her. She was the most beautiful being he had ever seen. 

Please! the siren pleaded again. "I will give you anything you desire. I am a princess of the ocean world & my word is honest". 

"Anything?" Gorilla asked.

"Anything! Siren replied. 

Gorilla spoke softly "I want access to the ocean to feed the people of the Islands" 

"Done!" Siren exclaimed, "On 1 condition, You must feed the humans and make sure they are so satisfied & full of food they will no longer want to hunt us for our tails" 

" I can do that!" said Gorilla confidently. 

Using his sharp Gorilla teeth to tear open the nets and his Gorilla strength to pick up the Siren and place her on the oceans edge so she could swim freely into the ocean, their eyes met and that was it, Gorilla was in love. 

Please what is your name? He asked the Siren as she started to swim away. 

There was no response, except for the sparkling flick of her tail in the air through the rain. 

Gorilla didn't waste any time. As soon as the rain had stopped he set sail to the oceans deep blues and caught some of the best & biggest shrimp anyone's ever seen.  

Adding to his grill & keeping his promise to the Siren he would feed everyone on the Island so that they were so full and satisfied they would forget all about the magical tails they long hunted for. 

Given the nick name Taco Grilla for the most magical tacos the islands had ever had. 

Taco grilla would forever search the oceans for the Princess Siren he had fallen so madly in love with on the night of that hurricane.